Sea Eagle Canoe Cutaway Illustration

Have you ever wished you could photograph the inner workings of your product?

No other medium can accomplish this visually, while keeping everything structurally accurate.

Dan Dejkunchorn, General Manager at Sea Eagle Boats, Inc., came to us with just a vision.

“The ability to closely examine the product from every angle, down to the tiniest details of material texture, is priceless. It is too costly and physically impractical to get a product of this caliber and price point into every potential customer’s hands. However, Lipsky’s creation makes this interactive experience possible and readily available to all of our customers at the touch of a finger.”

MindYolk Technical 3D Animation reveals what makes this drop-stitch material special. In this example, the 3D illustration shows cross-sections of the canoe while it is still inflated. It would be impossible to photograph this, but using one of the many visual tools 3D offers, we brought to life the inner workings of the canoe as if it were still fully inflated. No other medium can accomplish this visually, while keeping everything structurally accurate.

This photorealistic 3D illustration shows why drop stitch construction works so well. Thousands of tightly woven threads, from top to bottom, make this inflatable canoe stable and rigid, while still weighing less than other materials. When viewing the illustration, customers can appreciate the properties of drop-stitch, including protective layers and other features.

Dejkunchorn is also pleased with the quality of service the MindYolk team provides. He especially praised the CEO: “Paul Lipsky is one of the most professional and pleasant persons in the industry I’ve ever had the honor to work with. His positive demeanor and ‘never say never’ attitude is something we’ve come to rely on. There’s nothing he can’t figure out, no problem he can’t solve, and his incredible work ethics and drive are something we all can learn from. Paul continues to push the boundaries of his skill level in the industry in the most positive direction.”

For Dejkunchorn, 3D illustration is of tremendous value. “The cost of Paul’s work was more than paid off in just the first month,” he said.

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