Technical 3D Animation in the Hands of Experienced Creatives

We specialize working within the manufacturing field, listening, studying, and comprehending the needs of industrial engineers, while visually translating their ideas into industrial animation.

CAD file animated in 3D
Leveraging CAD for
Precise Animated Videos

“We’ve been manufacturing our valveless pumps for over 55 years; now for the first time we are able to visually show how the internal parts work. It had never occurred to us that we could re-purpose our CAD files into marketing material. Paul Lipsky dove into deep understanding of how our pumps technically worked to create powerful 3D marketing and training videos.”

—Herb Werner, head of Marketing for FMI

3D animation brings a $530 million shipping facility to life.

At least, digital life: MindYolk CEO Paul Lipsky and his team of animators spent three months constructing a meticulously digitized rendering of the proposed 600,000 square meter repair facility, the visual spine of a five-minute video meant to attract
private investors.

3D Animated illustration
Have you ever wished you could photograph the inner workings
of your products?

“The ability to closely examine the product from every angle, down to the tiniest details of material texture, is priceless. It is too costly and physically impractical to get a product of this caliber and price point into every potential customer’s hands. However, Lipsky’s creation makes this interactive experience possible and readily available to all of our customers at the touch of a finger.”

—Dan Dejkunchorn, Sea Eagle

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