3D Animation brings a $530 million ship repair yard to life.

With your smartphone and a VR headset, you can take an exciting tour of the 3D animated ship repair yard, from anywhere in the world.

At least, digital life: MindYolk CEO Paul Lipsky and his team of animators spent three months constructing a meticulously digitized rendering of the proposed 600,000 square meter repair facility. Now you can tour that landscape, with your smartphone and a VR headset, from anywhere in the world.

The animation is also the visual spine of a five-minute video created to attract private investors. The Brasil Basin Drydock Company’s vision is the largest purpose-built ship-repair yard in the south Atlantic Ocean basin. The Empresa de Docagens Pedra do Ingá (loosely: Inga Stone Docking Company) site is near the Port of Cabedelo in northeastern Brazil, an ideal location close to Atlantic shipping lanes, major metropolitan areas and bustling industrial centers. MindYolk’s video shows all that in lifelike detail, from actual satellite imagery of surrounding Brazilian countryside to a CGI shimmer on the water.

Proposed Drydock ship repair yard site used as reference for 3d modeling.
Motion Test of adding 3D characters walking within the 3D Drydock ship repair yard
Approval test frame after adding lights and textures to the 3d ship repair yard

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