3D Animation shows the principles of synthetic oil.

Sensitivity to characteristics like viscosity, surface tension, transparency, and splash are critical. Animation of liquids is one of our specialties.

In order to show how this synthetic oil flows through and coats a piston engine, we had to animate a 3D model of the engine. But that’s only half the job. Sensitivity to the unique characteristics of the liquid is critical, and the Mindyolk animators were able to depict the viscosity and smoothness the client needed to illustrate.

A chemical additive called a viscosity modifier is the key ingredient in this client’s product. We took a conceptual approach to depicting the mechanical properties of the oil, and why the additive is important, by animating its molecular activity under various conditions. The introduction, and some of the details of the product story, were illustrated in 2D rather than 3D animation, saving rendering time and ulimately reducing the cost of the project.

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