3D can add animated graphics, like moving arrows, to add visual clarity.

Quickly, visually, communicate complex concepts and interactions.

3D visualization can be more cost effective than photography with products that can be made using multiple finishes or materials. It’s a fairly simple procedure to change a material on a 3D modeled object once the model is created. Whereas bringing multiple prototypes of a decent sized product to a photography studio for photos could be time-consuming. cumbersome, and costly. With today’s photo-realistic 3D rendering techniques it’s often possible to save effort, time, and money with a 3D rendering. In addition, lighting can be fully and easily controlled within a 3D virtual environment.
The new techniques in the field of 3D visualization represent a paradigm shift for the manufacturing process.  By incorporating these new technologies, companies both large and small are able to go from idea to product cheaper, faster, and with more feedback from the consumer.

Here’s one way to use your newly created animation from your CAD/CAM files–post them to your YouTube channel while embedding links back to your website. Did you know that YouTube is now the 2nd largest search engine after Google? Over 6 billion hours of video is watched on YouTube every month. Your customers are probably going to YouTube to research their engineering needs.

Reasons to use Technical 3D Animation

1. Quickly, visually, communicate complex concepts and interactions.
2. Strip away an object’s outer layer revealing the inner workings of an assemblage.
3. Simulate phenomena such as gravity, liquid, and gaseous material properties.
4. Correctly represent the surface properties of physical objects.

5. Add animated informational graphics like arrows and numbers.

6. Visualize at the either the micro or macro scale.
7. Manipulate temporal events by either slowing down or speeding up for better understanding of a process.
8. Visualize objects that can’t be normally seen.

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3D pre-visualization can be used for large or small scale projects.