Rendering of glass food guard
3D Illustration From CAD

Our 3D Animation Studio can create photo-real products before they exist.

Eliminate unwanted reflections and other challenges in the photo studio using 3D photorealistic illustration

Using our principles of 3D Animation we have found that re-purposing CAD files wit the ability to photo-realistically visualize reality in 3D can often be the best, and sometimes the only way, to truly demonstrate how a product works or what the final product will look like. 3D pre-visualization can help a company show the inner workings of a product. It can also be used to demonstrate processes that would be extremely challenging to capture in video, like those involving gas and liquids. In 3D, time may be slowed down or sped up to show a process that may be too fast to perceive or would be tedious to watch in real time.  It has the ability to bring the most microscopic detail or the largest scale idea to a level where it can be observed and understood.

When Paul Lipsky, a 3D artist, started Mindyolk Technical Animation Studio in 2007, his focus was on the tail end of the manufacturing process, namely marketing and consumer materials.  But with advancements in CAD software and pre-visualization, now manufacturers use his 3D pre-visualizations to build new products. This latest wave of technological innovation and production tools makes it easier to bring new products to market faster.  With a focus on 3D Pre-visualization before manufacturing, these new tools are providing cost effective options for manufacturers and allowing for experimentation in design and material. Now, more than ever before, his 3D skills are in demand from the very beginning of the design process.

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