Shutterball Package Renderings let retailers see packaging and display options before they are actually produced.

3D pre-visualization can be more cost effective than photography with products that can be made using multiple finishes or materials. It’s a fairly simple procedure to change a material on a 3D modeled object once the model is created. Whereas bringing multiple prototypes of a decent sized product to a photography studio for photos could be time consuming. cumbersome, and costly. In addition, the photos would often need costly post-work or retouching, particularly with transparent or highly reflective materials. With today’s photo-realistic 3D rendering techniques it’s often possible to save effort, time, and money with a 3D rendering. In addition, lighting can be fully and easily controlled within a 3D virtual environment.

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Allowing bright product colors to speak for themselves was a primary goal of this package. Hitting the right demographic with the lifestyle images was also vitally important.

The 3D Web App is a great way to engage prospects because not only does the animation command attention, but its interactive features allow viewers to examine details, as they rotate and explore the package from all sides.

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